Top 5 Benefits of having regular Cod Liver Oil in your diet

We’ve all heard of Cod Liver Oil right?

I’m a huge fan and take Cod Liver Oil every day. I’ve scanned the best of the internet and here is what I think are the top 5 benefits of taking:

  1. Good for the heart, and protect arteries
  2. Very important therapeutic properties such as
    • Arthritis – can help to relieve and alleviate stiffness of the joints
    • Cardiovascular – can improve overall health
    • Can improve teeth, skin, hair and nails
  3. Can be used as a health supplement for Vitamin D over winter
  4. Can help improve your brain power!
  5. Can assist you in thinning your blood

Be Careful not to take too much

  • Speak to your pharmacist about the right dosage for you

Fun Facts

  • Discovered in 1789 in England as a rheumatism aid
  • Taken from fish liver from the Atlantic Cod
  • High levels of vitamin A and D
  • Can be effective for treating Tuberculosis

Useful Guide

Wikipedia – About Cod Liver Oil

Suggested On-line Retailers to Buy from

Simply Supplements 

Holland & Barrett

My Protein


Here is a short video which outlines more benefits